Aircraft cabin cleaning services

Servicing over 10 airlines directly and 3 ground handling companies, Translimp Contract Services, a company 100% owned by the Mitie Group, has the experience and the resources to deliver first-class aircraft cabin cleaning services. We’re committed to providing on-time servicing at the highest possible standards and tailored to your specific needs. Our focus is on creating positive passenger experiences at all times. Our clients benefit from our unequalled presence in the Spanish airport network where we provide many other airport services that range from PRM assistance, baggage trolley management, VIP lounges to airside cleaning of terminals, restaurants, parkings and offices.


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First-class aircraft cabin cleaning services

We understand the importance of hygiene standards for aircrafts. With enclosed spaces combined with high footfall and a constant stream of eager travellers, ensuring these spaces are hygienic, safe and sanitised throughout a customer’s journey is paramount. Our self-delivered services ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers without disrupting your service.

From transit cleaning, lay-over cleaning to deep cleaning solutions, we are experts in ensuring the safety of all staff and passengers and in creating an exceptional travel environment. We deliver assurance to our clients that their aircrafts are exceptionally clean, through an outstanding value for money service that enhances their performance, perception and reputation.

Our team of cleaners, equipped with special PPE and the recommend disinfectants, perform a thorough disinfection of the aircraft avoiding damage to aircraft components. Alongside our specially trained staff, we employ approved and tested disinfectants to ensure that none of our cleaning solutions will do any damage to either the interior or exterior of the aircraft.

Translimp performs the draining and refilling of the toilet and potable water distribution system of your aircraft using self-propelled trucks.

We collect, off-load and dispose of cabin waste after every cleaning service adapting our procedures to the requirements of our client and airport authorities.

Adhoc sick clean: Translimp attends the aircraft when by on an adhoc requirement to clean any sick or bodily fluids.

Headrests/Seat back adverts: Headrest covers and seat back advert cards will be replaced with the frequency set forward by the client.

Menu cards: Translimp is responsible for the periodic changeover and for storing these at each base.